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According To This Report Here Is How Kenyan Millennials Travel

As time has gone by, Kenyan millennials have been breaking away from the typical traditional lifestyles.

They would rather travel than buy material things, they value experiences more than anything else. According to this report, the millennials are the people who were born in the ’80s to the early 2000s. This category of travelers, unlike other generations were exposed to the internet at an early age.

Since technology has become an important part of our lives we are hungry for adventure and to share our experiences on social media. The traveling culture has become a requirement and a need to majority of the Kenyan youth. By 2025, it is estimated they will make up about sixty percent of the global workforce. When this research was done, a couple of millennials were asked their reason for their travel and a good number of them said that they traveled out of impulse. They were spontaneous and were seeking new experiences every now and then.

Image:The Blog Abroad

Upon inquiring why millennials travel, more than half of the respondents said that their travels are not premeditated, while nearly a third take planned breaks. This matches the previous findings of the “How Kenyans Travel” report, that millennials
are intrinsically spontaneous travelers. The young millennial is also not loyal to one particular place, they appreciate the change of scenery and would rather keep trying new things every so often.