Strange Kenyan Foods You Can Eat In Kenya

Every country has its own traditions and cultures.

Part of culture is food, which obviously makes a very big part of any tribe. In Kenya we have 42 ethnic tribes, each very distinct and unique. Their are strange and unusual foods that you can eat in Kenya that only those communities that eat them have the pallets for those meals.

Here are strange Kenyan foods you can eat in Kenya.

1. Mutura.

Mutura tastes great until people find out what it is made of and people tend to cringe. Muturas main ingredient is the intestines where certain ingredients are put in the intestines and roasted slowly on hot embers. It is very addictive and a favorite among many.


2. Mandazi chai ice cream.

This new created recipe was created by the famous Nyama mama restaurant who have dedicated their recipes to traditional Kenyan meals. Mandazi is usually enjoyed in most Kenyan households with tea, it is a simple snack to made and is made from dough. However this new snack also includes ice cream, it is different but a great desert.

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3. Goat head.

This may sound bizarre but some parties do not let this part of the goat go. The head is boiled for several hours then people can either drink the soup or choose to split the head and eat the brains inside.

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4. Cow blood.

The Maasai people are known for this famous delicacy. They pierce a vein on the cow to draw some blood, mix it with milk and put it on gourds. Other communities also cook blood and use it as an ingredient to make mutura. When cooked, it hardens and tastes like liver.


5. Termites.

This insect is appreciated by the Luhya community and they eat it with Ugali. These insects are common during heavy rains and are usually caught by people who want them, thereafter, they remove the head which is usually crunchy or fry them in a pan.

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6. Chicken head and feet.

Most communities in Kenya rear chicken. It may seem odd but it is said that once they clean the feet and head they prepare them in a nice thick stew.

Image: The May family | Our journey to Kenya and back –