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6 Ways To Travel In Kenya On A Low Budget

Most of us want to travel. But before we go to Paris and Dubai, it is advised that you explore your own country first.

There have been ongoing campaigns that encourage young people to tembea Kenya. But the challenge of traveling more is usually a big commitment, you are never too sure of the sudden expenses that could easily crop up. You have transport, rent and all these other bills that make you feel as if you’re not able to do enough. But when you really want something you go for it because you are determined to do so. You just need to put some of these things into consideration and you will travel more.

1. Find places that are within your budget.

You don’t need to think too big sometimes. If you want to travel more often or have rare experiences then start from your county. Go visit the Machakos People’s Park or event the giraffe center. You must consider transport, entry fee and food. Start with affordable activities like once a month and save for something bigger throughout the year.

Image: Safari254

2. Go in the off-seasons.

Because it is obviously cheaper. Travel when people could care less about traveling, like February or October when the kids are still in school so that it is much cheaper.

Image: Safari Consultants

3. Carry your own snacks and water.

This goes for activities where they include food as part of the expense. If you can carry your own snacks and water the better for your pocket.

4. Open a savings account for travel with someone who likes traveling.

It could be your best friend or your other half, it has to be someone you trust. Try saving a certain amount for a period of time, this could mean you cut back on your weekend drink nights or restaurant affairs so you can save for something greater.

Image: The Rookie Manager

5. Book in advance.

Some hotels or facilities charge less when you book earlier. This will not only help you save money but it means that when the day comes all you need to worry about is about getting there.

6. Join helpful travel groups.

These travel groups can either be the worst or the best. Make sure you do your research by reading people’s reviews and asking about their services. There are very many on IG and Facebook with nice packages but please consider their transport, food and activity fee before going and ensure that they are not frauds.

Image: Kenyan Backpacker