7 New Thoughts About Botanical Gardens That Will Turn Your World Upside Down

Langata Botanical Gardens is a unique and lush Private Park located about 20km from the City Centre, less than 20 minutes from the Karen Shopping Center.

It is a recreational garden filled with breath-taking greenery. It consists of many indigenous trees, large beautiful lawns and a few private outdoor bandas that are perfect for some private alone time. It’s never really been advertised but as as fact, it is the kind of place you would want to go for either a peaceful lunch date or some time alone or to hold an event.

Here are some thoughts I have about Botanical gardens.

1. The environment is serene and green.

Sometimes all you need is a green like environment. One that has trees, gardens and has a peaceful ambiance.

2. It is free to get into.

I like the fact that there’s no entrance fee which means you get to enjoy a serene and safe environment for free of charge. Many places have entrance fees, including places like Uhuru gardens, a good deal is a free of charge entry and it is also safe.

3. You can hold an event there.

Be it a wedding, graduation or a party. The garden environment is conducive for a put together party, if you want an intimate small and sizable event. They also offer catering services and their prices are better for events rather than a date.

Image: Wedding Services Kenya

4. The food is expensive.

I didn’t understand why a meal could cost more than 400 shillings because the restaurant looks basic. It is not fancy but it is in the open air but the chefs also prepare your meals in the open kitchen so you get to see what they are doing. They also offer traditional meals that are healthy and sumptuous. I still think they need to work on their food prices but the quantity is good and quality is better.


5. The staff are friendly.

The staff are friendly and since there are hardly any people they give you their full attention.


6. You can hold a conference there.

The Botanical Garden boasts a state of the art conference facility. Our conference facilities include open air and indoor meeting space. Participants can chose between a selection of lush green lawns that can host up to 500 pax or an indoor meeting space hosting up to 50 pax. Guests may opt for buffet style or ala carte menus that can be tailored to the participants preferences. All facilities such as conference stationary, flip charts, projectors, internet services, laptops and P.A. systems are all ready available.