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I Go On Twelve Dates With My Boyfriend Every Month And Here’s How

Are twelve dates in one month a lot? I guess that’s subjective, but considering both my boyfriend and I work an 8-5 during the weekdays, I feel like it sort of is. Does the title come off too showy? If it does, that wasn’t exactly my intention as you’ll soon find out.

What is a date? Google says it’s ‘a social or romantic appointment or engagement’.

The original plan was date night on Fridays only, but we seem to find ourselves meeting up at least 2-3 times a week, so we usually need to be more creative about how we spend our time, and most especially our money. My boyfriend says money spent on something you love is money well spent, I may not exactly agree with that logic all of the time, but basically he doesn’t hesitate spending money during our time together and nor do I.

I contribute my bit,  and since neither of us are exactly big ballers all the time, I made a rule. If we were going out, we’d only buy drinks. However, with him being as tall as the Eiffel Tower with a rather unsettling appetite, you can only imagine how many times that rule gets broken, (and if he’s eating I’m going to eat too.)

Regardless, we try make our meetings as casual as possible most of the time; a pot of tea and a slice of cake would usually be enough at Java, or drinks with bitings in Urban Eatery. We’d go watch a movie at the cinema when its on offer, or breakfast in News Cafe. We both like trying out new places and new things as much as we can.

At the end of the day it’s really more about the conversation and time we spend while on these dates. It’s about the ‘social’ part of the google definition. Between us, it’s a team effort, we both contribute and want to do it and enjoy doing it.

Moreover, we understand each others limits. The end goal isn’t to buy the most expensive meal on the menu or necessarily get treated, but to simply hang out.