Why Bismoss Beach Resort Is Probably The Worst Hotel In Homa Bay

There’s nothing worse than traveling to a far away place then realizing that it wasn’t even worth it.

My friends and I felt as if a bit of an adventure would not be too bad after all spontaneity is what we were meant to live by as millennials. We went out to a couple of clubs in Kisii town before Sam decided that we should go to Mbita. For starters, Mbita is not as close as he made it sound, it was about an hour and a half from Kisii town and in the middle of the night, it felt as if we had traveled for ages.

The road to Bismoss Beach was rough and long but after driving over a few bumps and rocks, we were finally there. The view was breathtaking, I never understood how a lake could be a beach, I felt as if that was a hoax when I was told about it.

” Why are they calling it a beach when it is just a lake?” I would ask.

Well it passed off well as a beach resort, it had sand and a few boats.


Truth be told, if you’re expecting a full beach then you’re being too hopeful. You need to be a bit more realistic if you go to Kisumu Lake turned beaches. I also expected a dry looking environment, but I was wrong. The environment was green and was kept well, it was easy on our eyes. The lake was also nice and warm even if it was 06:30am in the morning. Some of my friends decided to swim and they were content with their morning swim. The view was good, the water was warm but how was the food and service? That’s where I always remove marks from hotel industries, food, service and hygiene.

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There’s nothing better than when the dining table is set well. It gives you life especially when you’re hungry, you become excited and gives you high expectations. The lady who asked us what we wanted was not the most friendliest waitress by the lakeside, she didn’t smile and seemed agitated by our presence. She sometimes spoke in Luo and forgot that most of us were tourists from other counties.

” Uta kula nini?” (what will you eat?)

Before anyone of us answered she quickly said that they were offering fresh juice, an omelette and sausages. Okay, I guess that is what we were about to eat, it actually sounded like a reasonable breakfast. Then it came, I usually believe that there’s no way anyone can ruin eggs. The last place I was expecting to have a horrible omelette was a hotel. It tasted like fish, can you imagine a fishy omelette? When we asked the waitress, who was an elderly looking woman with tired eye bags under her eyes, she denied that it was fishy because they reused oil. We may as well have ordered for fish because even the sausages tasted like fish. We were done with the place.

In my hungry state, I decided that we were certainly not going to have another meal there. The breakfast was fishy, the fresh juice was actually the diluted kind from Quencher and the tea was sour. The only thing we liked was the lake and how the rooms looked like because we couldn’t sleep there.

Image: Vanessa Waithera

The room was a simple but cute room.


But if the food isn’t right then there’s no point of staying there.