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This Kenyan Travel Agency Has A Lipa Kidogo Service To All Destinations That Absolutely Anyone Can Afford

Some of us simply watch our friends travel throughout the World or Kenya  and feel like we’ll never be able to experience that luxury.

Well Bountiful Safaris, an agency which has been responsible for the vacation of various Kenyan celebrities, also whats to ensure that absolutely anyone, despite their economic situation can afford to travel.

To this extent, there have a Lipa Kidogo (pay a little) Service that allows you to choose any destination in the world and pay comfortably at your own speed and convenience until the full figure has been covered.

It’s a marvelous idea and allows anyone willing to exercise their opportunity to do so.

If you like this idea, go right ahead and contact them to find out more about this service. You might soon be on your way to traveling the world bit by bit.

image: Gfycat