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This Advert For Apartments Located in The Middle Of Nairobi’s Central Park is Shocking AF

On the 23rd of February, page seven of the Daily Nation Newspaper contained an advertisement by Hass Consult Real Estate offering apartments located in the middle of Nairobi’s Central Park and it’s hard to believe that this is real or even allowed.

It seems these apartments go hand in hand with the new railway track headed to Western Kenya. While this may be another project to encourage tourism and real estate, it could have a negative impact on animals already living in Central Park. Furthermore, the safety and security of everyone involved, both animals and residents could be a problem.

It is believed that Central Park is a reserve for animals and a forest in the middle of a city, which was what made it so unique. However, erecting apartments for sale, right in the middle of the park would ruin the it’s purpose and distinctiveness.

Here are others people responses to the whole situation:

1. Some were speechless.

2.  Some raised some important questions.

3. Some people felt like we are losing our national park.

Whats your take on this?