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9 Things Every Kenyan Should Do Before They Reach 30 That No One Tells Them To

Here’s a To Do List, just in case you don’t have your own to start with. Adulting is probably hard enough without society telling you what you need to do to be considered successful. Here is something that’ll definitely make you step back and think:

1. Stay At Your Parents House.

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I’m not saying live there until you’re 30 years old, but if there are no issues surrounding your family and no one is chasing you out, then why move out if you’re not financially ready? If you can go out and still come back to a comfortable home, then take you’re time and focus on things you can do with your money, before time comes when you have actual bills to pay.

2. Do something you love, even if it’s your side hustle.

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This will give you something to look forward to. If you wanted to do journalism but ended up undertaking a Conflict Resolution Degree, then do your Masters in Journalism or find work experience as a writer, nothing is wrong with exercising your options.

3. Study Abroad

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If you can, you should definitely  do this to enable you to get a taste of life out there, while you’re still learning. It doesn’t have to be a Degree or Masters, it could even be a certificate course for 6 months, just get out there.

4. Learn how to Save and Invest

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Experiment little bits of money on investments, give yourself goals concerning savings, most of all learn money management and how to say no to social plans sometimes. Remember that big goals are accomplished by the smaller ones you make for yourself each day.

5. Give Yourself a Priority when Saving

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Is it for travel or a car, or maybe you want to revamp your room, whatever it is decide on it and work on it.

6. Travel all Over Kenya and East Africa as Much as you Can

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While Dubai and Europe sound fantastic, depending on your budget start off with closer and more affordable places right here in Kenya or throughout East Africa.

Get an AirBnB, or use the bus instead of a plane to make travel cheaper. Get to know where you come from. Saving Kshs 5000-10,000 a month on travel can allow you to travel luxuriously throughout Kenya every three months, or even travel abroad every 6 months.

7. Money Can Be Hard to Make Sometimes, So Sell a Kidney or an Egg if Need Be.

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IF NEED BE. At the end of the day it’s your body, first it’s always good to research, but so long as you know you should be fine in the end, go right ahead. You really don’t even have to tell anyone anyway. Here’s how you can sell your eggs if you’re a woman. 

8. Avoid Taking Loans as Much as Possible

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Unless you are guaranteed that you’ll be able to pay it back. Try not to take out loans for cars, or things that don’t bring back good return.

9. Don’t Get Pregnant

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Unless you can and you want to. Your parents have already told you this, but for a moment look at how it may affect you financially. Kids are expensive, and they might just set back your twenties and become an incredible expense, something you shouldn’t have to think about if your careful.




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