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Kenyan Millennial Travel Trends

Most Kenyan Millennials are spontaneous travelers, represented by 29.6% of the report’s respondents; followed by 24.7% who seek adventures. Both factors are key influencers to related service providers’ marketing and advertising strategies, in a bid to lure as many of the youthful travelers as possible.

For instance, given their spontaneous nature, the millennials tend to travel often but spend less on budget. To meet them at their very point of need, we see an increase in promotional offers from travel agents, airlines, and hotels.

image: Kaya FM

As one would expect, the Saffir report also notes that 51.6% of millennials travel in groups, of which majority (66.7%) prefer a group of 4-10 people. This trend is rooted on the social nature of the millennials who enjoy group adventurous activities as compared to relaxed hotel stays.

The Kenyan traveler’s behavior is changing, and the millennials especially, have unique triggers that cause them to travel. Websites and social media searches, as well as online reviews are heavy influencers that cannot be underplayed. A third of Kenyan millennials book their travel online meaning a majority are still offline.

image: Roni the Travel Guru

These are among other trends like the preferred payment methods (48.8% – mobile), length of stay (75.2% – 1 to 3 nights), spending analysis (35.4% – accommodation), and preferred accommodation (26.4% – Bed and Breakfast).