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Everything You Need To Know About The Lamu Yoga Festival 2018

Lamu Island with its tropical climate, excellent variety in accommodation to fit your budget, miles of empty beaches and car free sandy roads, is the ideal destination to relax and leave behind life’s stress. The fresh seafood, organic foods and the warm welcome of the Swahili people make it the perfect wellness getaway. Inspired by Lamu, Chairlady Monika Fauth started Lamu Yoga, a community based organization that hosts the Lamu Yoga festival on the pristine Muslim Island.

The fifth annual Lamu Yoga Festival will be held from 14–18 of March 2018. Four days of yoga, with more than 26 teachers, 150 yoga classes, meditations and workshops will be available in Shela, Lamu town and Manda Island. Experience many different styles of yoga from wonderful teachers, including early bird yoga on the magnificent Shela beach. Get a taste of the Swahili Culture and join the Sunset Sail Dhow meditation, Swahili dinner and beach party.

Here’s just a few things you need to know about the Yoga Festival in Lamu: 

1. The annual yoga fest is the brainchild of Monika Fauth.

She first came to the island about 20 years ago on a backpacking trip to visit her sister who was a doctor. Back home in Holland, she was a commercial fashion buyer, but she fell in love with Lamu and later with a man nicknamed Banana, and was persuaded to uproot her life and set up a small guest house in Shela. She further decided to expand the business by setting up Banana House & Wellness Center. With Monika’s interest and training in yoga, the idea for the festival soon followed and Lamu was the perfect setting.

2. It’s an absolutely beautiful event: 

image: Lamu County

3. The are two types of tickets;

  • Ticket A for Ksh 15,000 which is an all-access pass to the festival’s activities
  • Ticket B for Ksh. 12,000 which only gives you access to the yoga classes and workshops

4. There are four of packages on offer that combine transport, accommodation and meals.

  • Budget style package for Ksh. 22,00. It covers 4 nights accommodation, airport transfer and ticket B
  • Budget style package for Ksh. 26,000. It covers 4 nights accommodation, air transfer and ticket A
  • Ohm Style package for Ksh.  32,000. It covers 4 nights accommodation, airport transfer and ticket B
  • Ohm style package for Ksh. 36,000. It covers 4 nights accommodation, airport transfer and ticket A.

You can register here