These Most Expensive Hotels In Nairobi Will Make You Work Harder In Life

We all dream of having some nights off in some extravagant hotels.

We sort of live to be in those luxurious moments where we can get into a different reality and just relax. Some people claim to loath hotels but those are either the people who cannot afford the hotels or people who have lived in hotels. There are still some hotels we wonder how the inside looks like and if they are actually worth being in, some of these hotels have hosted the most influential and powerful people in the world like former US President Barrack Obama. Here are some of the most expensive hotels in Nairobi that will make you work harder.

1. Sarova Stanley.

The Sarova Stanley is Kenya’s first luxury hotel situated in the heart of Nairobi, opened its doors in 1902. Since then it has been making history; hosting royal safaris, business events and legendary personalities such as Edward Prince of Wales, Ernest Hemingway and Frank Sinatra.


2. Fairmont the Norfolk Hotel, Nairobi.

Fairmont The Norfolk Hotel has played a leading role in Kenya’s colorful history, and continues to be Nairobi’s finest and best-known luxury hotel. The town and later the modern city of Nairobi grew up around Fairmont The Norfolk hotel, which still has its own private tropical gardens.

The hotel is still the traditional starting point for safaris and the Lord Delamere Terrace is modern Nairobi’s most famous meeting place, where drinks and light meals are served continuously from morning until midnight.


3.Villa Rosa, Kempinski.

The most expensive suite at this former royal residence can cost upwards of 42,000 KES per night.

Image: Kempinski Hotels

4. Hemingways, Nairobi.

A one-night stay here costs in the high six figures – 220,000 KES to be specific.

Image: TripAdvisor

5. Sankara hotel.

Rates start at Ksh. 20,000 per Double room/night.


6. Ole Sereni.

Starts at over Ksh 24,000 per night.