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All You Need To Know About Petes Cafe On Ngong Road

When someone tells you they will take you for lunch where they usually go on weekdays, its either a kibanda or a brunch.

I thought my friend was taking me to a kibanda because he is just that kind of guy. But to my amazement he insisted that I waited for him on Bishop Magua’s ground floor. For all I knew I couldn’t see this restaurant he was taking me to but a few corners later, Petes unraveled like another world tucked away in a gloomy building. In case you don’t know, Bishop Magua is the building opposite Uchumi hyper. Petes cafe is unexpected and the colors they’ve chosen are warm and rejuvenating. Here are some of the things you should know if you would like to go there.

1. They have great coffee.

There is coffee then there is good coffee, I mean the kind where there is a pleasant amount of acidity and not too much that makes you add too much sugar. For those who like their coffee sweet then there is the option of sweet, chocolaty and creamy coffee that almost melts in your mouth.

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2. The food comes really fast.

The food comes really fast and it still tastes great and fresh. I had rice and chicken curry and the chicken was flavorful and the stew was hearty and not dry. The spices were mild but rich and refreshing at the same time. They also served it with a lemony salsa seasoned with black pepper and salt which was a great combination with the curry. Their mango was also fresh and not too sweetened. However, they are well known for their burritos in case you’re a fan.

Image: TripAdvisor

3. You can have a good meal for KSh 600.

They are quite affordable for a posh looking cafe.

4. You can have a date or a meeting there.

You can basically kill two birds with one stone, have a date there after a meeting or before a meeting. It is conducive for a simple date or for a serious meeting.

5. It is quite private.

I liked it because it was unexpected, it is on ground floor but when you get there you can’t really see it there. It is quite private and the best place to go read a book or hold an intimate conversation.

6. Environment is friendly.

It is quite friendly, from the warm colors used and the staff were bubbly and all smiles.

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