5 Things That Remind Us Kenya is Still a Third World Country When it Rains

We look at our paved highways, bustling businesses, sky scrappers, improved laws and many of us feel like we’re truly progressing as a nation, then cloudy skies form above eventually and rain down on us the truth of our predicament. We are still a developing nation in need of improved infrastructure and planing for the rainy season.

Here are 5 things the remind us Kenya is still a third world country when it rains: 

  1. Flooding during rains.


image: Capital FM Kenya

The flooding was undoubtedly made worse by the state of the city’s drainage system which is under increasing pressure as urbanisation continues apace and the population continues to rise.

2. Traffic as a result of the rain

image: The Star, Kenya

The city’s authorities are seemingly unprepared for traffic jams, flooded roundabouts and stranded commuters, despite advanced warnings of impending heavy rain by the country’s Meteorological Department.

3. Power Outages in residential and even business areas.

image: The Standard
Many are left in the darkness as the electric lines are unable to handle the harsh environment brought on by the rains. 

4. Muddy Eroded Walkways and Roads


This is such a hustle for pedestrians. Pathways are supposed to ensure a safe, comfortable area to walk for many locals, but many of them find themselves walking on the road due to the poor infrastructure, being too muddy, slippery or flooded.

5. Sometimes there’s even death!

image: KDRTV

Some are swept away by flash floods while others are struck by lightening.