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7 Kibanda Meal Names That Will Crack You Up

Whether you like it or not, the kibanda lifestyle is suitable for many.

For starters, it is cheaper, more accessible and manageable. People may want to pretend that their food is disgusting and you’re not sure if they wash their hands but after a while of spending 150 every day, you either decide to starve or take up the kibanda lifestyle. However, some kibanda meals are remembered for their funny and peculiar names. Here are some kibanda meals that will crack you up.

1. Chapati msalaba.

This is where the chapati is cut into four parts that resemble a cross and just like that it got the name.

2. Ugali saucer/discount.

Everyone knows this one, but just in case you don’t know it is the ugali used to finish off the remaining stew. Sometimes they can give it to you for free or they charge a small amount.

Image: KenyaTalk

3. Tumbukiza.

The meat is usually overboiled and is usually boneless, saltless meat. The soup can also be sold with a bit of chilli this particularly great for a hangover.

Image: Noni’s Kitchen Adventures

4. Kahawa kifo.

This is literally burnt coffee as in it over brewed coffee. It is then served without sugar so you can only imagine how it tastes.


5. Mandazi pasua.

This is my personal favorite because you can even do it at home. They split the mandazi open and put something in it, usually a sausage or a samosa if you’re being a bit extra.

Image result for mandazi pasua
Image: Kaluhi’s kitchen

6. C.N.N.

Chapo na ndengu is what this abbreviation is for.


7. C.M.B.

Chapo mbili na beans.

Image: The Picta