Here’s Why Geologists Believe Kenya Will Be A Different Continent In Years To Come

Just recently geologists concluded that Kenya is slowly splitting at the Rift Valley after massive movements occurred.

The movements took place in Narok County at the intersection of Mai Mahiu-Narok road. The tear was 50 feet deep and more than 20 metres wide running through it. It may seem like another collapsed part of the country but in the long run, it looks like some parts of the African continent are splitting.

Image: the star

The Great Rift Valley already has several weak spots as it is and four countries in the Horn of Africa are expected to split from Africa to form a new continent referred to as the Somali plate.

This new shift might affect Somali, half of Ethiopia, Kenya, and Tanzania. The split will probably take place in about 50 million years so there is no need to worry now. Research shows that the forces of the Earth are the strongest at the base of the valley and that is where geological processes are most active. So far people have been urged to move away from that area as there is no permanent solution to the problem. The problem is deep in the Earth’s crust and no matter how many rocks they try to put to cover it up the problem still exists.

More studies, therefore, need to be conducted in the area to understand the geology of the area and map the fault lines.