New Report Says Kenya Is One Of The Most Unhappiest Countries In The World

There have been different conflicting reports that have claimed that Kenya is one of the most peaceful countries in the world but we as Kenyan citizens have doubted that.

In a time where we have built up corruption and many endless problems such as poverty and unemployment it is easy to see why a new report by United Nations ranked Kenya 124th out of 156 countries in the 2018 Nations World Happiness Report. According to the report Kenya is still doing better than other neighboring countries such as Uganda (135) Sudan (137), Rwanda (151), Tanzania(153), South Sudan (154) and Burundi at (156).

Image: Gfycat

Kenya appears to not be doing well as we were 112th out of 155 countries in 2017 but the number drastically changed.

Other countries that were highly ranked on the list included  Malawi (148), Haiti, Liberia, Syria, Rwanda, Yemen, Tanzania, South Sudan, Central African Republic (CAR) and  Burundi were the bottom ten countries in that order. Finland was also declared the happiest country in the world followed by Norway, Denmark, Iceland and Switzerland.

 The report uses data from the Gallup World Poll.