You Need To See This 34-Floor Skyscraper In Nairobi

I always believe that Kenya would look better if we just had more beautiful buildings.

I am talking about newer looking buildings, the kind that can be tourist attraction. If we continue working on our development and infrastructure we may as well become the next Dubai and even overtake South Africa.

Prism Tower by Kings developers is the last addition to the ever-changing Nairobi skyline and this 34-storey architectural wonder is a beauty. The building is located in the new business district of Upper Hill, the 34-floor tower is described as Nairobi’s most unique corporate tower.


The building will have both residential and commercial offices from the 6th floor upwards ensuring stunning views and minimal noise.

It will also have a jogging track for people who want to keep fit which just makes it the most dynamic and versatile building I have ever seen.