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Shaffie Weru Took His Daughter To Hollywood To See Her Friends And It’s Adorable

Radio personality Shaffie Weru, took his daughter Milan to Universal Studios in Hollywood to hang out with her white friends. 

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This Bridal Fashion Show Took Place On A Plane And It’s Super Creative

When you think of a fashion event, you instantly imagine a location on the ground. The fashion show dubbed, ‘wambui mukenyi launch’, set up by famous designer Wambui Mukenyi, however took place on a flying plane!

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Citizen TV’s Kambua Muziki’s Winter Style While in New York is Just Fashion Goals

In November, during Kambua Muzuiki’s birthday month, she went on holiday to New York City.

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Hikers, These Ugandan Mountains Are The Best For Climbing

Hiking has never really been my thing, mostly because I think I will fall and won’t be found.

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6 Must See Attractions In Tanzania

Yes Magafuli may have refused for Kenyan cows to eat their grass but I bet they are still open for tourists.

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9 Perfect Picnic Sites In Nairobi You Should Try Out

Sometimes going to a restaurant is overrated.

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6 Ways To Travel Without Using A lot Of Money

If you were given the opportunity to travel and not spend much I bet you would unless you really enjoy monotony.

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Beautiful Places In Kenya You Should Visit Before This Year Ends

Kenya is an unexplored country and you can only see this once you get here or you go seeking an outdoor adventure.

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6 Beautiful Lakes In Kenya That Will Blow Your Mind Away

Yes we know Nairobi is cluttered and can look an overcrowded jungle.

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6 Places You Need to Visit When in Kisumu

Kisumu is the 3rd largest city in Kenya, and makes for a great tourist haven for those visiting the western part of the country. 

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