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Larry Madovo Shows Us How Fun Chaka Ranch Is

Chaka Ranch is located off Gatei Road, Kiganjo, Nyeri. It is between Mount Kenya and the Aberdares mountain ranges which makes it attractive to tourists and ideal for team building groups, families, friends and even individuals in search of a perfect getaway.

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These Pictures Will Make You Want to go to Lake Elmenteita Serena Lodge For Your Next Trip

Lake Elmenteita Serena Lodge is a five star hotel uniquely situated on the shoreline of sapphire-blue Lake Elmenteita where hundreds of thousands of birds congregate.

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Pack of Seven Lionesses Play on the Road in Front of Artist Akothee in Tsavo East National Park

When we go for a game drive, many are usually happy to have seen a few giraffes, some antelopes, and if we’re lucky, catch a lion or two sleeping in the shade. 

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See British Singer Ellie Goulding Chill With Giraffes in Nairobi And Enjoy Maasai Mara

Ellie Goulding is a British singer, whose has various songs known worldwide.

She released her debut studio album, Lights, in 2010; it debuted at number one on the UK Albums Chart and has sold over 850,000 copies in the UK. The album’s title track, which went by the same name as the album, was released in the US in March 2011, and peaked at number two on the US Billboard Hot 100. 

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These Pictures Of Patricia Kihoro and Joy Kendi in Hemingways Nairobi Will Make You Want to Start Your Holiday Now

The year is about to come to a close, and basically, at this point all you want to do is take a break from life. Patricia Kihoro and Joy Kendi are doing just that, and it’ll make you want to do the same.

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7 Public Swimming Pools In Nairobi You Need To Know

Finding swimming pools in Nairobi is like looking for money on Uhuru highway.

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7 Pictures of Mombasa in the 60’s That’ll Take You Back

Mombasa is a relatively more relaxed city than Nairobi. Funny enough, it still has very similar structures as it did 40-60 years ago, but not everything is the same. From the people to the cars to the quality of the picture, you can see a notable difference between then and now that’ll make you appreciate the  city throughout the years.

Here are pictures of Mombasa back in the 60’s that’ll take you back:

1. Mombasa 1967

image: skyscrapercity 

2. Mombasa 50’s and early 60’s 

image: skyscrapercity

3. Silversands at Mombasa was used by the British Army for rest and recreation

image: skyscrapercity 

4. An East African Railways porter with a typical barrow at Mombasa

image: mccrow

5. Mombasa:  The Old Harbor

image: mccrow

6. Oceanic Hotel, Mombasa

image: mccrow

7. Departing Mombasa in the SS UGANDA

image: mccrow


7 Swahili Delicacies You Should Try When in Mombasa

Mombasa comes with a relaxing aura, and an incredibly rich culture.

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6 Places You Need to Visit When in Kisumu

Kisumu is the 3rd largest city in Kenya, and makes for a great tourist haven for those visiting the western part of the country. 

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5 Pictures That’ll Make You Want To Travel to Gilgil for the Weekend

A two hour drive from Nairobi, is the serene town of Gilgil, away from the hustle and bustle. Inside the town are some really picturesque sights  such as lovely little homestays, hotels and camping spots.

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