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Shaffie Weru Took His Daughter To Hollywood To See Her Friends And It’s Adorable

Radio personality Shaffie Weru, took his daughter Milan to Universal Studios in Hollywood to hang out with her white friends. 

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This Bridal Fashion Show Took Place On A Plane And It’s Super Creative

When you think of a fashion event, you instantly imagine a location on the ground. The fashion show dubbed, ‘wambui mukenyi launch’, set up by famous designer Wambui Mukenyi, however took place on a flying plane!

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13 Best Night Life Clubs In Nairobi

If you haven’t been to Nairobi then you probably don’t know our wild nightlife.

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11 Restaurants That Are In The Karen Hub

I have never been such a big mall fan but that is because they hardly ever have anything to do there.

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7 Restaurant Deals For Every Weekday In Nairobi That Are Just The Best

Food is bae, from the taste to how it looks there’s something about her that is amazing.

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7 Swahili Delicacies You Should Try When in Mombasa

Mombasa comes with a relaxing aura, and an incredibly rich culture.

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5 Photos of Mutura That Are Basically Better Than a Girlfriend

Mutura (Moo-Too-Rah) is a Kenyan sausage that is sometimes also called a blood sausage. 

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Brew Bistro

Places In Nairobi That Offer The Best Happy Hour Cocktails

Sometimes you just want a simple tasty drink that will tease your taste buds and not get you too drunk.

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9 Kenyan Foods You Need To Eat When You Visit

Eating new food for anyone can either be very exciting or not worth it all. I love my Kenyan food but then again I grew up eating cooked maize flour, kales and meat and love every bit of it.

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