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4 Places to go in Kenya That’ll Give You Fantastic Views

There’s nothing more picturesque than a fantastic view. Being so far up that everything below seems so tiny makes you think how small life is.

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Definite Thoughts That Run Through The Mind Of A Kenyan Eating a Smokie

Smokies are here to stay, they are absoultley delicious and simple and can work well a variety of foods, however a good old fashioned smokie with some kachumbari remains the best way to enjoy it, so much so that just eating it fills one up with various emotions.

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Here Are 7 Photos That Prove Kenyans Are Beautiful People

Kenya is filled with beautiful men and women, and a simple walk into a mall or around town would reveal just how impressive the genes we carry are.

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Here’s What People From ‘Shithole Countries’ Had to Say About President Trumps Remarks

In blunt and vulgar message, US President Donald Trump recently asked why his country accepts more immigrants from “shithole countries” in Africa rather than first world countries such as Norway, as he rejected a bipartisan immigration deal. 

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Would You Save Almost All of Your Salary To Travel Luxuriously Like This Woman?

Traveling is expensive, especially traveling luxuriously. Bridie Wilkins, a 23 year old fashion blogger, would stop at nothing to ensure that she gets value out of her travels.

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Nairobi Among Top Ten Trending Destinations in 2018 According To Tripadvisor

Nairobi is getting off to a good start tourist wise despite last year’s slow down due to the elections. 

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Just A Bunch of Jobs That’ll Pay You To Travel Throughout Kenya

As much as it seems like a dream to get paid to travel all over Kenya, it is very possible to enjoy this lifestyle, and many of these jobs are ones anyone can learn and start professionally.

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Here Are 4 Kenyan Travel Vloggers You Need to Watch Out For

Kenyans love to travel, and more and more are taking their trips to Youtube, basically vloggers who capture Kenya’s and the world’s beauty and watching them may give you an idea of where you want to travel next.

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Betty Kyallo Traveled To Maasai Mara For The First Time And It Looked Like Fun

Popular KTN TV presenter, Betty Kyallo is enjoying her new year. While others are finding it hard to make ends meet, Betty decided to travel to Maasai Mara, Kenya’s top destination, and she seemed to have a blast. 

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These Pictures of Akothee Cosying Up With Her Manager Will Make You Take Your Bae To Malindi

Akothee has been recently enjoying her manager, Nelly Oaks’s company while in Billionaire Club Malindi. 

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