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The GP Karting Experience in Langata And Why It’s Value For Money

The GP Karting centre in Nairobi is located in Langata, not too far from Carnivore. It’s an exhilarating experience, especially for those who love cars and speed.

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Best Breakfast Restaurants In Nairobi

There’s nothing better than a good breakfast.

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This Restaurant At The National Park Is Totally Worth Going To

If you have ever visited the National park, you would possibly remember the restaurant that used to be there.

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Here’s What People From ‘Shithole Countries’ Had to Say About President Trumps Remarks

In blunt and vulgar message, US President Donald Trump recently asked why his country accepts more immigrants from “shithole countries” in Africa rather than first world countries such as Norway, as he rejected a bipartisan immigration deal. 

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Would You Save Almost All of Your Salary To Travel Luxuriously Like This Woman?

Traveling is expensive, especially traveling luxuriously. Bridie Wilkins, a 23 year old fashion blogger, would stop at nothing to ensure that she gets value out of her travels.

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Here are 5 Restaurants in Westlands You Need To Check Out

Westlands is the neighborhood that’s home to most of the city’s bars and restaurants. As more businesses and residents continue to shift towards Westlands, one can be spoiled for choice concerning restaurants to go.

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la cascina

Why La Cascina At The Hub Is The Best Restaurant To Take Your Bae

He said we would go to the Hub Mall for my birthday dinner. I thought to myself, a mall? All in all, the Hub is not just any mall. It is the mall that can accommodate a fast food date at the KFC or a fancy dinner date.

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Nairobi Among Top Ten Trending Destinations in 2018 According To Tripadvisor

Nairobi is getting off to a good start tourist wise despite last year’s slow down due to the elections. 

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Here Are Some Great Places To Go Hiking in Kenya

Fancy dinners or movies are great, but sometimes you just want to be one with nature and test your fitness with a good hike. There are several places to do this throughout Kenya that will challenge you. 

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My Kilimanjaro Restaurant Experience

If you have never been to the Kilimanjaro restaurant in town, you would think I meant a restaurant at the top of the actual mountain.

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